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Discover the Azores: Terceira Island

Marta Couto

As its name implies, this was the third island of the archipelago to be discovered, although at first it was called the Island of Jesus Cristo. It began to be populated in the 15th century, and has developed steadily since then, largely due to its geographical location.

1. Discover the main city on the island, Angra do Heroísmo, considered a UNESCO world heritage site and a true architectural dream.

2. The Cruz do Canário viewpoint is another place worth visiting. From there it is possible to see the waters of the Atlantic Ocean and see the islets of goats.

3. Porto Martins natural pools are perfect for enjoying leisure moments in the middle of nature.

4. Praia da Vitória is a picturesque, small and welcoming city with churches and colorful houses and great restaurants.

5. The Serra do Cume viewpoint is the ideal place to admire breathtaking landscapes at an altitude of 545m.

6. The Viewpoint of Alagoa da Fajãzinha is a unique place full of biodiversity, from where you can observe animal and plant species, the Atlantic Ocean and the surrounding green landscape.

7. The Terceira Island is a volcanic island and instead of white sand beaches, we find natural pools, another one that is worth visiting is the Biscoitos!

8. Also in Biscoitos, it is interesting to visit the wine museum, where you can learn about the history of regional wine.

9. Another incredible viewpoint is the Ponta do Queimado viewpoint that was used during the 19th century to spot whales due to the excellent visibility it offers over the Atlantic Ocean.

10. Lagoa das Patas is located in a forest reserve, it is an artificial lagoon that receives the waters of the Serra de Santa Bárbara, perfect place for picnics!


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