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The art of tile in Oporto!

Tile- it is characterized by a piece of ceramic, of small thickness with one of the faces glazed. Usually square, this piece was initially formed in the measure of 15 x 15. Its na...

Having been originally imported from Spain, by King Manuel I, during a visit to this neighbouring country. Portugal started its own production in the 16th century, being influenced over the years, not only by Spain, but also by Italy, Netherlands and China....



10 tourist spots in the city of Manaus - Amazon!

Capital of the Amazon state, Manaus is the main centre of the Northern Region of Brazil, located in the centre of the largest tropical forest of the world, with more than 2 million...

       1- Amazonas Theatre Inaugurated in 1886, for the presentation of European plays and operas, it is the maximum symbol of the rubber period. Of neoclassical facade and exquisite construction, both the interior and the exterior, painted in pink and...



5 things not to do when traveling!

Germs and bacteria need not be seen to know that they exist.

There are precaution that must be taken when traveling that are of common sense, such as      washing and sanitizing your hands and taking extra care with public toilets but there are others   that we rarely remember which are of the utmost importance. That is...



Quinta da Pacheca - One night in a Barrel of wine

Quinta da Pacheca is situated in the Douro wine region, more specifically in Lamego which is one of the best known places in the region.

Quinta da Pacheca created suites in the form of wine barrels, a project that combines comfort with interaction with nature. Have you ever imagined waking up, literally, in the middle of Nature? Yes, it's possible with these suites that are located in th...



15- Top Rated tourist attractions in Tanzania

As the holder of some of Africa's most famous national parks, Tanzania is closely linked to safaris and wildlife viewing.

There's a lot more in Tanzania, in addition to the National parks and the activities that they provide, such as its beaches and majestic Islands. A jewel in the heart of Africa that offers unforgettable feelings and breath-taking moments that will be fo...



The world's second-largest diamond discovered in B...

The find was made in the region of Karowe, in the Centre of Botswana, by a Canadian exploration company.

The diamond has 1758 carats and weighs 352 Gr. To have a more precise notion, its dimension is similar to a tennis ball. Despite the discovery,  priceless, the diamond can not be placed on de marked as jewelry due to its variable quality.
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