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10 things to do in Porto

Porto, proudly also known as ‘’the unconquerable city’’, is easily recognized for being a city with character, welcoming, with an unmistakable accent and a beauty and genuineness that is not found in any other European city. Once you go there, you will always want to come back! Get ready to enter a magical space, the bookstore Lello is an essential visit in the city. It is considered one of the most beautiful bookstores in the world and was this bookstore that inspired the creator of Harry Potter! Porto is a city of old and fascinating buildings, one of them is Café...



10 Interesting facts about Portugal

Portugal is one of the oldest countries in Europe After many wars and foreign occupancy Portuguese independence was approved by Leão and Castile in 1143 by the treaty of Zamora. Lisbon is older than Rome Lisbon is one of the oldest cities in the world and the second oldest in Europe, being Athens the first ever named city. Lisbon has the oldest operating library in the world “Livraria Bertrand” is the oldest operating bookstore in the world, founded in 1732 in Lisbon. Japanese tempura is actually a Portuguese invention During the 16t...



The art of tile in Oporto!

Tile- it is characterized by a piece of ceramic, of small thickness with one of the faces glazed. Usually square, this piece was initially formed in the measure of 15 x 15. Its na...

Having been originally imported from Spain, by King Manuel I, during a visit to this neighbouring country. Portugal started its own production in the 16th century, being influenced over the years, not only by Spain, but also by Italy, Netherlands and China....



5 things not to do when traveling!

Germs and bacteria need not be seen to know that they exist.

There are precaution that must be taken when traveling that are of common sense, such as      washing and sanitizing your hands and taking extra care with public toilets but there are others   that we rarely remember which are of the utmost importance. That is...



Porto elected the best European destination of 201...

Companhia aérea grega que é representada em Portugal pela Summerwind, vai lançar, a partir de 6 de Junho, uma nova rota para o Porto

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