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Discover the Azores: Terceira Island

As its name implies, this was the third island of the archipelago to be discovered, although at first it was called the Island of Jesus Cristo. It began to be populated in the 15th century, and has developed steadily since then, largely due to its geographical location. 1. Discover the main city on the island, Angra do Heroísmo, considered a UNESCO world heritage site and a true architectural dream. 2. The Cruz do Canário viewpoint is another place worth visiting. From there it is possible to see the waters of the Atlantic Ocean and see the islets of goats. 3. Port...



Discover The Azores : Faial Island

Faial is located in the central group of the Azores archipelago, and is part of the so called "triangle islands", together with São Jorge and the neighbouring Island of Pico, separated by the Faial Canal, a narrow sea inlet about 8 km wide. 1. The historic city of Faial Island, Horta is a charm for all who visit it, has several attractions and for those interested in knowing more about the ethnography of the island, as well as its history and cosmopolitanism, be sure to visit the Museum da Horta and the Scrimshaw Museum. 2. Caldeira do Cabeço Gordo is the most notable...



Discover The Azores : São Jorge Island

The island of S. Jorge is an island in the Azores located in the central group of the archipelago with an cinematic scenery! 1. São Jorge is known for its delicious cheese, strong cheddar, 80% of the area of this island is covered by pastures and there are several places where you can taste and enjoy it. 2. Velas is a village located on the south coast of São Jorge and draws attention for its architecture from past times, surrounded by green vegetation. 3. The village of Calheta was founded in 1483, it is one of the oldest villages on the island and one of the most...



Discover The Azores : Pico Island

With a surface area of ​​448 km2, Pico Island is the second largest in the archipelago and where the highest mountain in Portugal is located, precisely Pico, which gave it its name, at 2,351 m above sea level. Often referred to as "Mountain Island", it is one of the vertices of the so-called “triangle islands”, the one that is further south of the central group of the archipelago and only 6 km from Faial. 1. Landscape and Vineyard Culture Interpretation Center of the Pico Island is perfect to know the history of the wine of this island. 2. In the vineyards of Criação...



Discover the Azores : São Miguel Island

  There are nine and each has its own personality, charm and ambience. Discovering an island in the Azores archipelago always arouses the desire to collect them all! But it is on the island of S. Miguel that the discovery of the Azores begins! There are several places available for excellent hot and thermal baths on the Island of São Miguel, especially Poça da Dona Beija, in Furnas or Caldeira Velha. Miradouro da Boca do Inferno is a viewpoint and is one of the most incredible places to visit on São Miguel Island, allowing a panoramic view that will take your bre...



10 things to do in Madeira

Madeira is among the best destinations in Portugal. For tourists that appreciate incredible landscapes, it is the perfect destination. Beaches, natural pools, viewpoints, gardens, huge mountains and buildings, the hometown of the soccer star Cristiano Ronaldo is a true paradise on earth. Going downhill on board of Toboggan is a very curious tradition on the island, the karts created around the 19th century to transport goods from the top of the mountain to the city are now a point of attraction! Madeira is also famous for its year-round flower gardens and its many b...



10 things to do in Algarve

Algarve is calling all year around! With an incredible climate, this region enjoys more than 300 days of sunshine a year, which allows locals and tourists to enjoy the many outdoor activities that the region has to offer.  The Benagil cave is one of the most famous places in Algarve, get to know one of the most exotic beaches in the world and amaze yourself with the incredibles Benagil's caves on a boat, kayak or stand up paddle trip.  Ria Formosa Natural Park with its flora and fauna, as well as the wildlife, make it a destination for all nature lovers. Inter...



10 things to do in Lisbon

For such a small European capital, there are no lack of reasons for its charm, Lisbon, nestled on the Riverside, hides treasures, secrets and many peculiarities. Lisbon attracts those looking for good weather, well-known by having one of the mildest climates in Europe, which makes it a good place to visit all year around! Its most iconics viewpoints call both tourists and locals alike. Highlight for the viewpoints of São pedro de Alcântara, Graça and Santa Luzia. Lisbon is one of the liveliest cities in Europe and this characteristic is notorious in certain places i...
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