At Onvicta- Unique travel experiences, we are committed to design the most memorable trips. We create highly personalized itineraries that include authentic and unique experiences.

With in-depth local knowledge, passionate customer service and honest and transparent pricing, we provide exclusive access to behind the scenes, off the beaten path and firsthand experiences across the destinations.

Luxury travel designers

There are fantastic places around the world and some experiences are truly unique! Giving you access to some of the most wonderful experiences throughout the world is part of our mission. Experience the oldest wine region on the world, the magnificent Douro Valley, discover the dramatic beauty and exciting wildlife of the top game parks Tanzania, explore the varied terrains of flooded lagoons, golden dunes and moonlike salt flats in Botswana or witness Amazon’s vast expanse of verdant jungle and diverse ecosystems the home to a tenth of the world’s species of flora and fauna, with many more remaining undiscovered in its dense foliage.

Travel like a local

Immerse yourself in the culture and go deeper than a regular tourist. Shake off the limitations and experience the places as the locals do.

Travel with us and allow yourself to be absorbed into the culture as much as possible.

Personalized experiences

Our team creates your itinerary based on your dreams and requests.


Every program is tailor-made to your needs and desires, designed by someone local with expertise and knowledge to give you the best of each destination.

Luxury Accommodations

A vacation may be about the destination, but it can be truly enhanced by your surroundings.

Our ultra-lux portfolio of accommodation showcases the height of luxury and exclusivity.

Our range includes historic hotel, centennial castles that became hotels, exclusive retreats on exceptional resorts, luxury wine hotels and boutique/charm hotels.

We believe where you stay should be part of the vacation.

Unique Travel Experiences

We give the extra and thoughtful personal touch on every enquire for us every nuance of your dream experience is important to create a proposal.

We provide some of the most authentic and exclusive experiences, crowd-free tours of selected sites, exclusive wine tastings with local winemakers, overnight in a Castle, witness the stunning vistas, beautiful wild animals and fascinating cultural experiences with indigenous tribes.

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