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Discover the Azores: Flores Island

Manuela Azevedo

Integrated in the world network of Uniose Biosphere Reserves, the island of Flores, the most western territory of the Azores and Europe, has landscapes that are true paradises. Considered by many to be the most beautiful island of the 9 and the paradise on earth.

1. Poço da Ribeira do Ferreiro, also known as Poço da Alagoinha and considered by many to be the best hidden secret in the Atlantic, is a waterfall resulting from the junction of several waterfalls.

2. Rocha dos Bordões is a geological formation formed by large basalt columns, an ex-libris of the island's natural architecture.

3. The Seven Lagoons inserted in the caldera of Flores, have names related to their physical and landscape characteristics: Lagoa Funda, Branca, Seca, Comprida, Rasa, Lomba and Negra with 100 m of depth.

4. Ilhéu de Monchique is the most westerly point in Europe, it served as a reference point to calibrate navigation instruments and confirm routes.

5. Poço do Bacalhau waterfall is a magnificent waterfall with 90 meters high located in Fajã Grande. Dive into the natural pool formed by clear and refreshing waters.

6. Aldeia da Cuada is a secret kept by nature with centuries-old mysteries and histories, an isolated and unique place well suited to the island.

7. Morro Alto is the highest point on the island, enjoy stunning and breathtaking views over the entire island.

8. Visit the Museu da Fábrica da Baleia do Boqueirão and learn about what was a significant part of the History of Ilha das Flores and which is transversal to all Azoreans.

9. Lajes das Flores is a beautiful coastal and fishing village, it is the seat of the Municipality with the same name.

10. Aldeia do Lajedo is a small village in the western part of the island of Flores. It is both charming and idyllic, with a privileged view of the Atlantic Ocean and traditional and rural houses.

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