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Discover the Azores: Corvo Island

Manuela Azevedo

Corvo Island, considered by Unesco as a World Biosphere Reserve, forms, together with the island of Flores, the Western Group of the Azores archipelago. Of volcanic origin, Corvo is the smallest of the nine islands, with an area of ​​only 17.1 km2.

1. Lagoa do Caldeirão is the island's biggest attraction, the extinct volcano, in the north of the island, left the impressive caldera as a souvenir.

2. Discover Vila do Corvo, the only village on the island and where everything happens, it is a picturesque and unusual village characterized by black stone facades, with white borders on windows and doors, and by the narrow streets, locally called canadas, paved with rolled pebbles and slabs polished by use.

3. Visit Moinhos de Vento, the image of the island. In the past it was a central part of the rural life, from where the flour came out to make corn bread and feed the people of Corvo.

4. Porto da Casa is the only port, of the three existing, used for commercial traffic and the only entrance to the island, via the sea. In the year 1632, when it was still a bay, it suffered two attempts to land pirates, which were fiercely fought by about two hundred corvines.

5. Discover the Nossa Senhora dos Milagres Church, built at the end of the century. XVIII, the Church keeps a precious image of the century. XVI of Our Lady of Miracles - a Virgin and Child of Flemish origin, possibly from Melines - and an Indo-Portuguese ivory cruxifix from the 19th century. XVII.

6. Visit the Corvo Wild Birds Interpretation Center, Corvo is an excellent destination for bird watching - the main long-term tourist activity on the island.

7. From the Miradouro do Caldeirão you are greeted with a breathtaking landscape whose beauty reaches you immediately: the crater of the old volcano gave rise to the 3,700 meter perimeter lagoon.

8. Ponta do Marco corresponds to the northwestern tip of Corvo Island and constitutes a high coastal cliff truncated by marine erosion, exhibiting a complex volcano-stratigraphic sequence associated with the main volcano on the island and which includes an intricate basaltic Philonian system.

9. Try the famous Corvo cured cheese with a semi-hard paste, yellowish color and slightly spicy flavor with a visit to the Lacticorvo cheese dairy.

10. Dive into the waters of Praia da Areia, the island's only sand and the main bathing area.

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