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Real Companhia Velha (Royal Old Company)

experience a grape harvest



experience a grape harvest

Quinta das Carvalhas, Pinhão. 2, 9 e 16 de setembro (not private).
Real Companhia Velha's harvesting day begins at Quinta das Carvalhas, which recently had a renovated wine shop - not to mention the old ruin, flanked by mountain vines that overlook the Douro, created in 2015 to receive Wine tastings. Let us go back to the vintage: the art of stealing the grapes from the bunches that, year after year, give new shoots, it is followed by lunch and, already with a full tummy, the participants are invited to tread the grapes in the traditional stone mills, in Quinta do Casal da Granja, in Alijó. And helping to make the nectar that gave Bacchus so much pleasure and is able cause us thirst, different moments of the vintage will be celebrated with Douro and Porto wines with the seal of the Real Companhia Velha.

85 euros per person.
Reservation required and subject to availability.

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